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Read about these extraordinary young women and their path to education.  Each faced obstacles and uphill battles to attend high school – now go on their journey with them as they navigate their way through a university.


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Meet a few applicants waiting to be GLOW girls. Their stories help paint a small picture of the adversity in which they have been dealt. Your support provides them a higher education that will change their world. 


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Meet the women and men with a passion for helping girls succeed.  Our members provide valuable guidance and support in helping ensure education for girls.


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Brooke Taylor, GLOW Donor
GLOW foundation immediately struck a chord inside of me. Hearing the stories of these women, who through hardships, strive to pursue something greater was inspirational. I love that GLOW gives them the opportunity to change the world!
— Brooke Taylor, GLOW Donor
My husband and I continually support GLOW Foundation because of the immediate and impactful opportunity it gives to very deserving young women. There should be more organizations like GLOW that mentor and financially support education in struggling economies such as Kenya. The work Jeni Lowry the founder has done to launch this foundation over the past year has been amazing and inspiring all on its own. She has gotten to know these young women, their hardships, their hopes, and their dreams. It’s remarkable to me that 52 scholarships have been granted for the 2018/2019 school year!
— Sarah Webster, GLOW Donor




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