The Daraja Academy Celebrates International Day of the Girl


“Someday they will say this was the moment when the world woke up to my potential.”

 This is a girl who is very determined. She has what it takes and is ready to rock the world with energy and change it for the better. But they don’t have a platform to stand on. I can strongly say that this is not an era of keeping back the girl child and letting the boy dominate. I feel a lot of pain inside me. When a privilege is given to a boy instead of a girl, it’s like they are applying the concept of preference and choice and at this point the girl is ignored.

I will not be stretching the truth when I say that at a point I have experienced this in this journey of living. I wish the world could understand what equality is and its benefits. I wish they could just understand what we mean when we campaign for equality on earth. Until then, how long will the human race continue intimidating these innocent creatures named girls? 

Empowerment has been set to enable girls to know who they are and give them hopes to at least express themselves and use their voices. What do men these days say when we do this? They complain a lot to the top of their voices saying that they have been forgotten and discriminated against. They say that they have been discriminated against, and that girls have been empowered to an extent that these days, girls are a threat to them.

But do you think empowering girls is meant to discriminate and look down upon boys really? Will we be building a real world when we discriminate and proclaim that we need equality? I will answer by saying no and never, believe you me. The reasoning behind empowering girls is to be on the same level with boys because already boys are a step higher than girls. Girls don’t have a say in front of men, especially when it comes to traditional matters where only men can express their views. I mean they will think like “ what does a woman have to say in front of a man.”

I strongly feel that girls need to be empowered more because they are not yet where they desire to be. Girls need to use their voices because this is their moment and they need to shine. We are not trying to look down upon our traditions because we adore them.  Let me give you an example I once experienced. At some point. My mum got sick and she had to be admitted to the hospital. Being the only girl remaining at home among three brothers who are older than me, responsibility shifted to me. In my community, girls are responsible for maintaining the household. In the morning before I would go to school, I had to ensure the house was in order, that the cows had food and water to drink and eat. I also had to ensure there was food  when we came back from school.

At a point I had to miss school so that I could look for food for my brothers. My brothers who were older than me could have helped me, but what does tradition say? Boys are supposed to go to school and study while girls stay at home in the kitchen. This is what dictates most communities. Is this fair? Not at all. What I am trying to drive home is that we are all equal despite our gender differences. What do we stand to gain when a girl is intimidated? Nothing, and as a matter of fact we are holding back great minds that are ready to shape the world. Great minds which are the powerhouses and are about to explode due to a lot of power.

I strongly believe that a girl can do wonders if just given a ground to stand on. I now take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all pioneers of empowerment platforms which empower girls and  mostly to our beloved mothers those living and also I appreciate those who are long dead in their absentia. They have undergone a lot of challenges, sacrifice for the sake of their children and all the nation. In fact they are selfless. They go to bed hungry, experience sleepless nights just thinking on how to  improve the life of their children. Thank you mothers. I crown you with my genuine respect and love because there is nothing more than that which I can reward you with. Actually you deserve total respect.

Source: Daraja Academy

Kelly Cromack