Selection Criteria:

 Girls qualify for scholarships if:

  • You have completed Form 4 and have been admitted into a University or College.
  • You are academically talented and have leadership potential.
  • You have a strong financial need.
  • You are a Daraja Academy graduate.  (As we expand, we will accept applicants from other high schools.  However, currently you must be a graduate from Daraja Academy.)

Selection Process:

  1. Complete the written application and submit the according essays.
  2. After further selection, you will be asked to submit documentation of your grades, past performance in school, University/College admission letters and fee structures, HELB loan applications along with the Kenyan government’s response, living accommodations while at school, monthly budgets, and community involvement letters.
  3. After further selection, there will be an in-person interview with GLOW Foundation.
  4. Ongoing communication and reporting of grades every semester or term is required.
  5. Scholarships are awarded for 1 year.  Applicants must reapply for subsequent years in school.

Apply Today: 

Applications for 2017/2018 school year are closed. We will let you know when 2018/2019 Scholarship Application is available.